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The board discussed and decided that we should get back to normal trip planning and posting immediately. Those who continued paddling this past year learned pretty quickly that the main things COVID changed were shuttles, camping, and choice of destination. We can mitigate all three of these things safely and responsibly.

Cruisemasters will get trips back on the calendar ASAP and will work with Trip Leaders to ensure we are taking the necessary precautions. Paddling and being outdoors are inherently "safe" as far as COVID is concerned.

Trip leaders will have the small extra effort of coordinating shuttle safely. This boils down to: wear a mask in the vehicle, roll the windows down, ride in the back of the truck, and try to ride with people in your household to/from the river. Every person has a responsibility in this. If you are uncomfortable, or see something that could be done better in regards to shuttle, please speak up to your trip leader. If people are clustered together on the river scouting or stopping for a snack, just point it out and take a couple steps back. When we're outdoors, our risk of exposure is very minimal.

When we're camping as a large group, we're usually spread out. Let's make the fire circle a little bigger and wear a mask if you can't spread out.

The last thing I would say is that we should have a "Leave No Trace" mindset when considering the communities we're visiting. We should avoid trips to communities that are really struggling with cases or discouraging outside visitors (Hot Springs last May comes to mind as an example). We will have to do a little extra research and planning ahead of some of our big trips to ensure that our potential impact is accounted for.

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